Monday, 22 March 2010

Conventions, good people and some essential time out

So, it's been a while again? Huh? Sorry about that. Work's been manic, I've been a stress head and I find it best not to put my thoughts out there at such times. BUT, I'm on day four of five whole days off work so it's good now.

The boy and his previous employer parted ways a little earlier than expected so he's had a couple weeks off before he starts his new job so luckily I could get a few days off too to spend with him and do stuff. This has included a lot of sleeping in, on my part, the boy can never sleep late. Going to see a friend's very good band Dogday Revolt playing in a local battle of the bands type evening. They  didn't make it through and although I may be very biased, I still think they got a bum deal. They were great, as usual, but not local so everyone voted for the band with the very young drummer. The other band were very good and very well put together but I still think they weren't up to a winning performance but hey.

Yesterday we headed to the first Tattoo Ink Explosion convention. Very good for a first time convention. I think next year they need to think a litte more about the stall lay outs as far too many bottle necks experienced in unecessary places and me with my people in my personal space issues started to get a little anxious at times. That's where being an evil smoker sometimes helps, good excuse to slip away and breathe. Company was good and we all had a great day, bought a fab day of the dead skull that's meant to be a tea light cover but I can't bear to think of it with fire too near it so it's purely ornamental now. Isn't it too pretty for words??! The lovely stall also have a lovely webshop, superskull, where they have similar style skulls but also very beautiful little shrines etc. A great little Elvis shrine that we're contemplating ordering in the future but for now this wonderful addition will do.

Although we spent a good few hours at the convention, we took no photos of the actual convention, only of our merry little group. Always happens, gigs and festivals as well. But then, on the odd occassion any of us have tried to take photos of the bands, artists etc, they cone out blurry etc so why not just focus on the people you were sharing the day with??!

Shockingly there was even a photo of me and the boy I didn't want to immediately burn. To say I dislike photos of me is an understatement but ocassionally I'm surprised.

Otherwise I have still been sewing. I finally finished my little dragon that we've decided will be given to my niece when we finally take her to the Efteling, the most wonderous fairytale park ever. I've never been to Disneyland so maybe I don't have the right comparitive places but I just love the simplicity of this place. It's not hollywood, hell, it's not even dutch TV, it's just faiytales as they were always meant to be. My dragon is in green and red, just like the Efteling's dragon so we thought as it can be quite scarey for little ones, maybe a softy version of something a little scarey would help. She's not yet old enough, we don't think but the little dragon will keep for her. I made it from the Azhreia pattern s per the link. A few more pieces to figure out and I made him from fleece rather than fluffy material but I think he looks great. Bought some great metallic thread to outline the wings and put some interesting segments on the tail and overall I'm very happy with him.

My new plan of action is for me and the sewing machine to get better acquainted. I've worked okay with it on a couple of little things but lately we're not getting along so I went back to hand sewing and it's been very soothing. Now, I am calmer again I will tackle the sewing machine with my plans on upcycling some old pairs of the boys' jeans and shirts. We shall see. I'm starting simple.

I still have today and tomorrow off with the boy before I head back to the grindstone. How can just a few short days pass so quickly??!


  1. The off days DO pass way to quick!
    Really like that pic of us too, needs to go up on the wall (:

  2. Sounds like you've been quite busy and caught a break just in time~