Thursday, 18 February 2010

Dolls, quilts and stuff

Manic week at work. I haven't known the phones so busy in a while. I was about to say a long while but no, that would be wrong. Thank heavens it's Friday tomorrow! A good long lie in Saturday and my brother, his wife and my gorgeous niece come to visit Sunday! I can't wait!
I know my boy is even more excited as it means he'll get the last of his christmas pressies! More importantly, I get to now take the Christmas tree down!!! Huzzah! Yes, I know it's February but I had strict orders. Until the presents were all handed over, the tree was to stay. I have had a compromise in that I can take it down Saturday but that was only as the boy thought better of a Christmas tree being up when my niece arrived. I don't think two year olds really get why there would be no presents ready for them with that certain tree stood there, all alight and pretty.

I have been perusing this website and found the most beautiful dolls. Here's just two little faces I have fallen in love with already.

Yes, I do love dolls, as much as I pursue a lot of boyish things, I'm still a big girl at heart.

In other things I will mostly be busy this weekend trying to form some sort of an idea for a tattoo design for a friend. How to make a cool design of a bell that never rings, a robin that never flies, a fish that never swims and a ring??! It's going to be a tough one but I'm looking forward to the challenge.

Next week we're off to the studio for another three hours tattoo work on the boy's chest piece. It's starting to come together quite nicely. I am saving my pennies with my Christmas money so I can get my other leg done and I can't wait. I feel unbalanced.

I have been toying with the idea of making a quilt for the living room but having a nightmare with my concept. I want to make it for the boy and I and wanted to use our family crests. On my Dad's side this is easy. Scots always have their crests etc blazened all over the place. For my Mum's side not so easy. Yorkshire folk it appears are not that into crests. For the boy I have found the origins of family and their crest on his Mum's side but not so for his Dad's side. Damnation. It would feel incomplete having only his Mum and my Dad's family crests! More searching will have to be done. Plus, this will by my first ever quilt. Maybe taking on a little too much all at once? I've found a cute squirrel pattern, maybe I'll just do that and be happy my sewing needs have been met in the short term. ;)

By the way, I still really want a teacup pig!

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  1. That's a pretty cool idea about the Christmas tree. Good luck with the quilt and tattoo! (perhaps a wingless robin??? -- but that's a bit strange........)