Monday, 7 December 2009

A little shout out from a newb

A little intro of the boys who keep me sane and happy...

So, the world of blogging....

A new concept to me, I tend to just skirt around reading about other people's lives, reading my boy's blog and then switch the computer off. Strange when I used to spend hours a day every day behind this little screen. I guess when you finally get to live with your love instead of corresponding across the miles, the little screen becomes less important.

So why start a blog then?

I recently have decided my life needs to change in certain ways. It currently revolves around work, sleep and making the sure the dog gets what he needs. Not much of my life in there really for me, for the boy or for me and the boy so I've started to take up new hobbies, firstly sewing. Trust me, I'm no good but I'm getting a sense of satisfaction finally that I can do more than my job and sleep. This blog will make me set goals and have to keep to them as people may actually read this and wonder whether that thing I said I would do is done yet. ;) Plus I've discovered so many amazing people and things and groups since getting the sewing bug that I feel a need to share.

I have made a monkey, he's shabby, but I love him. First thing I have made since Home Ec many years ago where my teacher delighted in telling me how awful I was with a needle and thread. Great motivation for a girl that was more interested in climbing trees I can tell you. I have also started making Christmas decorations which I am very proud of. I will take photos when the boy is home with the camera. Just to show off my joy. :D

I discovered a great group called the Toy Society, whose members make and drop toys anonymously in random places all around the globe. I have plans for my first toy drop, just need to finish off the Christmas decs first so I'm not loading myself with too many things all at once.

I also have plans for little additions to everyone's Christmas presents this year and even the boy was enthusiastic when I asked his thoughts so that's a pretty good sign it's a good idea.

So, there it is, just a little intro as to why I'm here. I can't guarantee how long or how often I'll frequent but I'll do my best not to be an infrequent face.


  1. Good to see you back online!
    Wanna see pics of your creations/creatures tho (:

  2. He he he!! Leave me the camera then! ;)

  3. Nice to meet you. Yeah, I want to see the pics, too.

    Good luck with it all. This sewing lark gets a wee bit addictive

  4. Hi there,
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. You could be right abut starting small. I just ourchased a kit which is a sew your own cupcake kit so I am going to start with these to just get some practice in. Will show the end results on my blog. Look forward to reading your posts and seeing your creations too.