Sunday, 13 December 2009

Christmas is definately upon us

So, the boy and I finally got round to getting the Christmas tree up. I now realise that as much as I love Christmas, I feel sorry for the boy living with me at this time of year. Everything must be planned, lights laid out to check all the bulbs are okay and nothing is twisted up or wires showing. Have you watched National Lampoons? Anything can happen!

I need the tree just so. Ornaments carefully arranged and colour co ordinated. Lights first, silver beads, ornaments and then the tree topper. And the ornaments must be arranged in their designated sizes, colours and patterns to ensure even distribution. I ask, would you live with someone like this? I'd strangle them, but it's me and for his sins he does love me and knows which battles to fight and which to laugh at and do as he pleases anyway. He left me to my obsessive compulsive decorating and put a few decorations of a varying colour that I could cope with. I did try to be helpful and sharing of the experience, even passed him the decoration next on my list of what goes where but he wasn't playing ball.

I do love this little arrangement he made over the kitchen door though. Santa hanging out in the middle of a star. Very cute. Left is what I guess it would look like in the daylight and right is when we turn the lights off, so the neighbours can see :)

I think I surprised him by agreeing to having this out on display. An old fashioned plastic nativity scene. Weirdly though I fell in love with it as soon as he let me open my eyes after he'd brought it out of it's storage box. I already have visions of cleaning and prettying it up for next year so we can have it in good order for many years to come. Maybe I'm not as bad about the whole of Christmas, guess it's just the tree.

The boy also found this little gem of a tiny fake tree which Faye seems to love so it gets one kitty seal of approval. I also agreed to have this up as it had lovely silver ornaments on it. One half of the big tree's arrangement. Matching A+!
Jonah, the canine baby has been less pleased about this whole Christmas lark. Boxes, things moving and funny lights, he likes it simple. After shouting at us for far too long, he settled on this throne and waited for us to be done. I guess he's learned to deal with humans and their strange behaviours.

I posted last time about making things recently, this is one of my Christmas decs, the one I'm most proud of. A little elf shoe with it's own bell and everything. Shockingly this is allowed on the tree and not just because I made it. Maybe it's a sign that I can change, though I'd not hold my breath on that one.

Monsters, my new obesssion is about making monsters. I felted a jersey I had managed to shrink a little previously and made these two buddies. I call them Grr and Umph (making Grumph!) but the boy calls his, the big one at the back, Orkel. He flips over so ihehas two faces. The one facing you is the nice one, the other side has a big mouth and big teeth, he gets angry so thought I'd save you his wrath ;) . Umph on the other hand is pretty chilled out. With odd sized eyes, it's not so easy to see things to be angry with them so he's taking the easy life.

This was the beautiful view we had when we went walking with Jonah this afternoon. thought it was a stunning photo to end on, not my work, the boy's, he's pretty talented at these things. :D It's unsettling how quickly the sun heads for the bottom of the horizon but my word it's so pretty.
I hope you all have lovely plans with the ones you love for the festive season. I shall be with my family and unfortunately the boy can't be with me due to work, which mega sucks, but at the same time really looking forward to having the clan together again in the UK at my folks house.
Would be 100% even better if it were my clan together with my own little family.


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