Saturday, 15 May 2010


Another great Ben Folds title, kind of how I feel this week.

I've spent the majority of the week feeling tired for no real reason. My diet's good and balanced so not a B 12 deficiency as everyone panics about because I don't eat meat. It's not stress as at the moment eiether as even though work is busy it's in a good way rather than a panic struck, on the verge of another anxiety attack kinda way. I'm sleeping well except for my brain still trying to get it's head round the fact that earlier sun up does not mean earlier Belle up. I'm also not grumpy in the mornings despite feeling tired? What the??

I decided as there was enough vacancy that I'd take the Friday off with the boy and sleep. Sleep eluded me but the boy and I had a lovely day. Didn't do much special, just routine weekly type stuff but always nice when we can actually do it together.

So following my contemplation last week on whether I am a contradiction of myself I have taken measures to stop this internal argument and decide where my choices lie. I stopped smoking. Well, I should say I'm trying to stop smoking. On my second day now and oddly enough haven't missed them. The real trial will be work.

I dyed my hair with Henna for the first time ever today, and I love it. So no more chemical crapola near my head again!

I bought soya milk again. It sucks in tea but little steps, ya know?

Right now I'm making a sweet potato and butternet squash pie for the firt time too. Fingers crossed it works! I can smell the cinnamon in the computer room and can't wait to stuff my face with pie later!

Dear lord, it is as people have accused me this week and as I feared, I am a hippy. A tattooed, skinny jean wearing hippy, and funnily, I love it!

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