Sunday, 31 January 2010

Snow, sewing and ducks

So, more snow fell yesterday and last night which has transformed our local area back into a winter wonderland. Which the dog, the boy and I all loved on our walk this morning. I've never seen a dog intent on such savagery on a snowball in my life. But then, savagery on a snowball is not a major concern is it?

I finally finished sewing my little mouse pattern that I can't remember where it came from. He's a rough version until I'm happy with how different things fit together but I like him. The furry baby is in the background wondering why I'm taking pictures of things he's not allowed to play with. Thankfully he didn't realise he's in the photos. He doesn't like photos being taken of him!

I am currently working on a teddy bear from a pattern I got free from McCalls. It's super cute and tons more pieces to put together than I'm used to but he's looking good so far. Will post a pic once he's finally completed. I have ordered some safety eyes and noses so will need to wait for those first.

Life recently has mainly consisted of work and although it's been pretty manic, I don't wake up cursing it's existance so that makes a nice change!

My clan have finally got our heads and agendas together and will have a big 'ol family get together in June for a week in Denmark. Really looking forward to it. My family are rather scattered around europe so getting together for random reasons or family occassions are never easy. My middle brother and his fiance have bought a beautiful house in Copenhagen so we're (the boy and I) driving up with my eldest brother, his wife and my niece to meet up with them and my folks for a week of family sociableness. Always good as my family all adore each other. We have our ups and down like any other family but somehow we always stay smiling in each other's company.

Today was spent market trawling. I loved it!! I found the most beautiful set of little tin ducks. Look at the little wings and the feet! The boy quite categorically hates them but I fell in love as soon as I saw them. His answer when I went to buy them was 'We'll come back' so I thought maybe he had a point. I often buy things I later regret so walking around a bit and deciding based upon whether the wanted item is still there upon my return has served well in the past. We returned after a stroll around the rest of the market and they were still there! Fate I thought. The boy meant, next time we were at the market! I think not!  They are now sat on my crafts table and I think at least one will be turned into a heavyweight pincushion following the cats deciding my nice little one, sat on top of a wooden box made a great tennis ball (box?). They are a lid on a little bowl style shape so a little pincushion tucked inside should keep my pins, needles and the cats safe. We shall see.

A last little look at the furry baby, Jonah. Does that face seem happy to have a photo taken??! Ha ha ha ha!! As he was perched on the window sill, woofing at passersby, he couldn't do much to avoid the camera ;)

This week will mostly consist of more work, sleep, good food and a trip into Maastricht next Sunday to have a stroll on shopping Sunday. A country where everything is still not automatically open on a Sunday, I'm getting used to it but sometimes I feel like I've gone back about twenty years to my youth in South Africa.